My wife and I had never undertaken a major project like the one for our NH Lake House.  After doing research and checking references we selected Wood & Clay for our rebuild.  Kevin Beland led the project from start to finish.  He was more than responsive at every stage.  Charlie and the rest of the team he put on site were all craftsmen of the highest order.  Their attention to detail was fantastic and they were as interested in the quality of what was behind the walls as what was visible.  I can't imaging them being any more meticulous if they were building their own home.  From our initial trepidations we came to actually enjoy the experience of this build project.  However, the most impressive part of working with W&C is the after service.  Any matter we bring to Kevin's attention, no matter how small, is immediately addressed.  Not sure how they do it, but we love it.
–Rick & Catrina Gaynor


Wood & Clay was amazing to work with throughout the building process. They are expert craftsman and perfectionists, and really stand out from the crowd as the preeminent builders in the area. Wood & Clay was tasked with installing steel beams into the foundation of the house, and all the exposed wood beams throughout the house are the actual support beams, which meant they had to be extremely detail-oriented and precise in constructing the infrastructure of the house before moving on to the finish work. There was an enormous amount of detail that went into building the house from the extensive, detailed woodwork to the oil-rubbed walnut floors to the custom windows – in short, nothing in the house is ordinary or standard. The house itself is no doubt one of the best built (if not the best built) homes in the area. 


We have truly enjoyed working with Wood & Clay on our project. From the day we received our first permit, it is has been smooth sailing. Even though we are a few hours away from the site, we have complete confidence that the work is being completed to the highest standards. The people on the site everyday work together and really care about their craft.

We feel fortunate that we found and selected them to lead our project. It is a big investment and getting it done right is really important to us. Wood & Clay get that and work with us to ensure that is happening at every turn. Wood & Clay is a top tier builder with first rate people and the highest standards of craftsmanship. We highly recommend them to others, without hesitation.
- Tim and Elaine Mann


I've built three homes and by any measure Wood & Clay is the best builder I've dealt with, both in terms of the rock-solid quality and the ease of doing business. They make the process, which is difficult, easy. We worked with them and John Battle, the architect, for two years prior to putting a shovel in the ground. Every detail was addressed so there were no surprises, no change orders and the project came in on budget—a feat considering the project required Wood & Clay to take down an old house on Labor Day and have a beautiful, 5,000 square foot home ready by the following Memorial Day. A dozen years later, they come by every spring to do an inspection and provide a report of anything that needs attention; and any fixes are generally done by the same craftsman who worked on the original build. Wood & Clay are a joy to work with—and my son, who is now having them build a home, is having the same experience.
- Dick Blackburn


Despite starting the project without finalized designs, Wood & Clay worked hand-in-hand with us and were able to build the guesthouse within a tight timeline. They completed the project in just 9 months—it would take most builders a year to a year and a half to build a custom home of this quality. Kevin Beland, the project manager, and Lee Cram, the site supervisor, both did a fantastic job and were instrumental in realizing our architectural vision. They also understood and met our client-side goals from scheduling to quality and budget. Of all the projects I've done, this was one of the most challenging and one of the most successful. The team at Wood & Clay are true professionals and it was a pleasure to work with them.
– Tom Murdough, AIA, Murdough Design


When we decided to build, Wood & Clay was the first firm we spoke to as they'd been recommended by others in our community. Having done 4-5 design/build projects in the past in which we've acted as the general contractor, we knew it was important to have the right builder. We ended up building a team around Wood & Clay. We started building in 2008 and finished in 2015. Throughout we've appreciated their professionalism, stick-to-it-iveness, high quality and follow-up. In particular, their finished carpentry is amazing. We had a blast doing the project and are continuing to work with Wood & Clay as our property managers.
– Charles and Carole Purse


Wood & Clay competitively won the construction of our home on Lake Winnipesaukee. Their bid was strong in project management, technical detail and significantly; lowest price. We worked very closely with the Wood & Clay project team to complete the first Energy Star certified home, including geo-thermal heating and cooling, in their nearly 100 home inventory. From the front office to subcontractors, Wood & Clay worked diligently with us to ensure the highest quality New England craftsmanship; while maintaining schedule and appropriate cost control. Wood & Clay continues to be responsive to our questions and needs even after delivering our occupancy certificate. We could not be more pleased with Wood & Clay as builders and now friends. We greatly value and appreciate the professionalism, transparency, honesty, as well as, cordiality that Wood & Clay demonstrates every day.
- Pat and Dan Smith


Wood & Clay are first-class builders. They really care. It was a “no hassle” experience.
– Len & Bebe Platt 



Every day that we are in our house we are thrilled with the workmanship and memories of the pleasurable experience of building a house with Wood & Clay. It was so professional yet enjoyable that we “almost” did not want the process to end!
– Patty Mac and Mike Hewitt


The home that you have built for us is all that we had envisioned. Anyone who has ever had a house built for themselves knows the arduous and sometimes frustrating task that it is. What makes the difference is how each hurdle is handled and I'm still thrilled to respond to the ever present question "How was your builder?" with the answer "Incredible!"

The quality of construction, the care and genuine desire to please by your subcontractors, the overwhelming effort of your numerous full time carpenters to understand, fulfill and recheck for satisfaction, any work being performed was very appreciated. Your responsiveness to queries, issues, etc., (even long after a year beyond our C.O.) is by far one of your most commendable qualities. The willingness to explore and attempt ideas or choices that fall outside of the norm was important to us and the effort made was huge.

The integrity of your company, the quality and beauty of our home, and the commitment made by all will be a tough act to follow should we need to build in another area. The bar is now set very high. Thank you for all that it takes to bring a plan through to fruition so successfully. A number of local guests have entered our home and after viewing very little of it have remarked, "This is a Wood & Clay house, isn't it?" Your high standards speak for themselves.
– The Gordons


Wood & Clay brings building to a level of professionalism, expertise and creativity that no other builder can do. Wood & Clay focuses on all details that makes building a home fun!
– Ron Cohen


Working with Wood & Clay is like working with the craftsmen of a bygone era. The workmanship and commitment to building a lasting home is unmatched...

Wood & Clay built our Adirondack lodge in the spirit of the Great Camps of the early 1900's. The site preservation and craftsmanship give you the feel that our home has graced the shores of Winnipesaukee since this era...but the exquisite appointments in the home give us all of the comforts of the current day and more.
– Jeff and Tracey Bennett


John Robinson is the ultimate craftsman. He builds the finest homes, and he stands behind his work 100%. Most importantly, he is someone you can completely trust; I knew he always had my best interests in mind. And the people who work with him are terrific. You can do no better than Wood & Clay.
–A three-time satisfied client


John Robinson is truly a builder’s builder. It was a great relief and good learning experience to have John and his team involved in building our new home. John was always accommodating and gave a solid effort to listen to our ideas and include them into the design and build program. My family feels they have a wonderful home and would like to express our thanks to John and all of the Wood & Clay team.
– The Basslers

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Wood & Clay. They made the project fun and stress free and the end result exceeded our expectations. They respected our standards and never let us down!
– The Laws


In 1988, my husband and I purchased a lot on the lake. We needed a special builder due to the unusual design we had in mind. After meeting with three builders, we knew John Robinson was the right choice. He had an open mind, and a strong desire to deliver a home that incorporated all the imagination could conjure-up! He did extensive research, and was instrumental in the execution of the design. The house was as close to perfect as can be.

We are currently building another unique home. Once again, the project is well organized, on schedule, and without the customary set-backs or delays. Wood and Clay uses the best sub-contractors available, and delivers superior craftsmanship. Close attention is paid to every detail, and many exceptional features will come to life due to John’s experience and knowledge. Without the right builder, a construction project can be disastrous. Wood & Clay makes it a pleasurable journey!
– Marguerite Keefe